Computer Science Concept Boards & more changes coming! What’s next?

by | Apr 23, 2023 | updates | 0 comments

  1. We are updating our old product instructions & videos. We are going to add some additional information, and film with a higher quality camera.
  2. SIPO Says programming tutorial & instructions.
  3. “Comp Sci Concepts” boards – This is an interactive line of boards that display computer concepts in an intuitive way. Picture below is our interactive memory register board that shows how computer memory operates.

SIPO Says Development Board is Here!

SIPO Says! Fully programmable from the Arduino IDE this fully functional game board has 100% working open source code that is fully customizable. You can code your own cheat codes, adjust game difficulty, and even play music from a huge library of songs!

Quick Draw Soldering Kits!

Quick Draw! The retro carnival game that fits in your pocket! Comes fully assembled OR as a DIY soldering Kit! Inspired by countless carnival and arcade reflex testers, this game has two speeds to to test your reflexes!